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Saturday, September 15, 2018

This Mama Needs a Souvenir

Flights booked, hotels reserved, research done, itinerary laminated - this mama is ready for her family vacay! The only problem is, where is the evidence that this mama was actually there on that trip??

Thank God for the invention of the selfie, so that there is evidence that mom, in fact, was there too. Cue this amazing start up:  Flytographer- vacation photography that is inspired by the glossy pages of travel magazines made super easy! They make the best souvenirs too, so you get to save space in your suitcase from bringing home yet another vase or sweatshirt.

Super simple:
                       1. log onto their site
                       2. type in your destination
                       3. pick you dates and photographer of your choice
                       4. Let them do the rest!

Their concierge contacts you with the availability of your chosen photographer and helps arrange all the details easily online via email with you. The hardest part after that is choosing your outfits and even then they provide a helpful guide of suggestions for what photographs well.

Our great photographers in Maui, Rojeena and Amanda in New York, were kind, sweet and fun! They made our family of 5 feel at ease and captured the exact kind of photos I wanted and surprised me with even more gorgeous shots. I got an email link to the full gallery just a couple of days afterward, and have beautiful souvenirs from our trips.  The best part? These gorgeous shots help fade the memory of the fighting, crying and tantrum throwing, because apparently kids don't get the memo that vacations are supposed to be all fun all the time!


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