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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Which mama doesn't need a girls trip? It's almost the best type of travel for a tired mom - hubby holds the fort down at home, mom reconnects with her best gal friends and comes home recharged!

This girls trip didn't look anything like it's movie counterpart, but it was the perfect mix of fun, adventure and relaxation.

We splurged and stayed at  Enchantment Resort which is nestled between the dramatic red rocks Sedona is known for. The views from every part of this resort are breathtaking.
Added bonus was the amenities made available at Mii Amo, the sister destination spa.  Here we could indulge in another gorgeous pool, take ginger shots at the juice bar, partake in many complimentary classes such as yoga, and meditate in their unique Crystal Grotto.
We each indulged in a treatment at the Mii Amo spa, and being self professed spa connoisseurs, we were all blown away by the amazing treatments here. A unique combination of mind, body and spiritual connections and we were literally forced to sit poolside for the rest of the day (poor us!)

Enchantment Resort surrounded by those red rocks

Stunning red rocks around the property

Prickly Pear Cocktails

Do:  While Enchantment and Mii Amo are perfect to come and do nothing, Sedona offers so much more. Those stunning red rock vistas aren't just there to be observed. Hiking up and around them offered such a spiritual and rewarding experience.

Part of our journey was to go hunting for vortexes. Enchantment Resort is situated in the Boynton Canyon, a spiritual vortex which is said to be cross points between energy fields in the earth's grid system. Personally, I didn't know what a vortex was or how I would identify one or what to expect from one. But I was willing to experience whatever the beauty of this place was.
Boynton Canyon Trail
Tip: Hire a local guide to take you on a guided hike. We hired a guide to pick us up and take us to Cathedral Rock, where she led us into an unforgettable experience of climbing up this steep rock, to the end of the trail to where the most gorgeous views and self satisfaction of having completed our hike. Our guide taught us about the natural landscape around us and was one of the best parts of our trip!

However, our amazing guide who does this hike EVERYDAY, pushed us beyond our own comfort zones and to hike around those rocks to discover views that I could never have imagined. Just look :

Shopping! Well, what is a girls trip really without a little shopping? Tlaquepaque, Sedona's Arts & Crafts Village has it all and is a stunning place to wander and explore.

EAT:  Sedona has lots of great places to eat! Some recommendations:

Mii Amo & Enchantment Resort - we enjoyed lunch and breakfast here
L'Auberge de Sedona - an upscale boutique hotel with stunning creekside dining which offers a refreshingly different view of Sedona
Pisa Lisa - a snug, modern place with authentic pizza 
Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill - perhaps the most scenic restaurant in Sedona. Request a table outside or by the windows and at sunset to see the changing colours of the red rocks.
Chocolate Tree Organic Eatery - cute, hippie vibe place with delicious fresh organic food
Elote Cafe - amazing Mexican and Southwest food! Warning: there is ALWAYS a line up to get in and a wait, but it is WELL WORTH IT!

L'Auberge de Sedona

Elegant Creekside dining at L'auberge


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