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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Napa: Check the Mom Guilt

One of the hardest things about travelling without my kids isn't always who will watch them (thank you eager grandparents!!) but the mom guilt that goes along with it. Any place I visit my brain automatically thinks: "wow, the kids would love this!" Because there really is a magic in seeing the world through kids' eyes.

But hold on tight mamas....I found a place where there is no mom guilt and the magic is completely within my own eyes: Napa California! You don't drink or like wine you say? Don't worry because you don't actually have to.  Napa is the place where you could be converted to be a wine drinker, or just someone who can appreciate the art of the vine. Here are my list of reasons why moms who need a break need to look west:

1. No kids allowed: wineries generally don't allow kids to be in their tasting rooms, so really there aren't a lot of kids in Napa. Yes - children live and go to school in the Napa area, but it is a lot less likely for you to miss your own kids because you don't see too many running around the vineyards.

2. Luxury: The Napa Valley is broken up into small towns with a range of accommodation choices.  We've stayed in the town of Yountville, where there are some great, luxurious hotels! My personal favourite is Hotel Yountville. My favourite part of staying in a luxury hotel without kids is: you don't have to clean up! Ok I know not ground breaking news lady, but confession time: I still tidy up after my kids in hotel rooms. But when the kiddies aren't there, there's (not as much) tidying up to do! Whoot! Whoot!

3. Wine: Yes, apparently that is what Napa Valley is known for.  Even if you aren't a wine drinker, visiting wineries is a must.  The grounds are beautiful, the people friendly and learning about the process of creating a wine is actually fascinating. 

4. Food - California is after my own heart with organic, fresh food and the Napa area is no exception. In fact it is quite exceptional! From 3 starred Michelin starred restaurants to amazing roadside burgers, every meal is an experience. 

5. Bike - with no training wheels! Rent a bike, or if you are lucky enough to stay in a hotel such as Hotel Yountville that includes complimentary bikes for their guests, then hit up the road without having to worry about the littles.  Take in the gorgeous countryside and vineyards along the way all while burning off those grape calories.

6. Shops, cafes, bakeries, art galleries galore - both the town of Napa & Yountville have a variety of each of these to peruse at a leisurely pace. You can shop for a new corkscrew or decanter and indulge in some local art.


French Laundry
Gotts Burgers
Oxbow Market
Press Steak House
Bouchon Bakery
Ad Hoc

Yountville Views


Hotel Yountville
Westin Versa
Auberge Du Soleil 
Hotel Villagio

The Courtyard at Hotel Yountville


Bike ride
Lounge Poolside
Wine Tastings
Indulge in a spa service
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Napa Valley Wine Trolley

For the brave! Hot Air Balloon Rides

Favourite Wineries:

Domain Chandon
Cliff Lede
Stag's Leap
Joesph Phellps


Have you been to Napa? What are your favourite recommendations about the area?


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