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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Masala Mommas

Recently I had the opportunity to join the team at Masala Mommas, a digital magazine targeted for South Asian moms that empowers women by discussing a variety of topics.

I have been a huge fan of Masala Mommas ever since I discovered it after having my third child. So having this opportunity to be a part of this team has been so exciting!

Please click below to read my first post for Masala Mommas!


Monday, May 27, 2019

My Bahamas Outfits: Evening Edition

In my role as CEO of G-Fam, I don't often have to dress up, or even shower most days. In fact, seeing me in my power lunch meetings (read:dropping off lunches and negotiating after school snacks) you'd never think of me as someone who loves fashion and actually loves to put outfits together. But cue vacation time and I am ready to take the time to plan, shop and pack cute outfits together.

I knew we had this adult only trip to the Bahamas coming up way back in the winter, so I had stocked up on my new favourite designer, Self Portrait, with some dresses that were on sale on And guess what? They've currently got a sale on now!  Check it out here .

1. Dress: Self Portrait, Shoes: ZaraBag: Zara, Lipstick: Ruby Wu MAC
2. Dress: Self Portrait, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Earrings: J Crew, Bag: Zara, Lipstick: Tom Ford Indian Rose
3. Dress: Self Portrait, Shoes: Zara, Purse: Zara, Earrings: Banana Republic, Lipstick: Cruella by Nars

I packed only one pair of heels, my favourite Aquazzura heels that are comfy and versatile, and my favourite classic YSL black clutch to go with all three dresses. Also note, that I am terrible at having someone take my picture, especially for my outfits. So thank goodness for the trusted mirror selfie! So original, but whatcha gonna do?


Monday, May 20, 2019

Airport Style

It's been a LONG winter here in Ontario, one made even longer because we didn't take a mid-winter vacation somewhere hot and tropical (what was I thinking?!?). But finally I've got a mini- vacay on the horizon - Bahamas baby! Made even better is that this vacation is kid-free! Whoot!Whoot!(sorry kids, mama loves you, she really does!)

While a beach vacation is always needed, there isn't often a lot of new content about another gorgeous beach. So I'm trying soemthing new and bringing some fresh content here on the blog, starting today with figuring out what to wear on the plane.

My criteria for an airplane outfit is pretty simple: comfortable and versatile. I want the items I wear on the plane to be able to translate into my outfits at my destination as well.  I like to try to pack light and therefore have to make sure whatever I'm wearing and taking on the plane with me isn't just extra baggage.

So here are some of my picks that work for pretty much all kinds of vacations, including what I'm packing for the Bahamas this week!
  1.  Tote: This one here is perfect even for the beach because its easy to clean.
  2.  Sunglasses : for airplane cool. My favourite are these.
  3.  Sneakers: wear them on the plane especially if you plan to work out, but these Golden Goose ones are just plain cool.
  4.  Slides: These Zara ones make any pool side outfit complete and work for sundresses too.
  5.  Scarf: warmth for the plane, perfect for cool beach evenings. This cashmere one is pure luxury
  6. Some top options include either of the following:A lightweight linen button down that looks good enough enough to get you upgraded on your flight but can also double as a cover up over your swimsuit
  7. A cami for being fancy but also for staying cool when you land.
  8. Ditto for this one - hotter climates call for shorter sleeves
  9. Depending on the flight or the destination (or if the kids are with me), I love these Aritzia joggers that are comfy yet can be dressed up too
  10. Skinny jeans forever. I love a high waisted one for sitting (and for life), these are my favourite.
  11. A cozy cardigan works for everything because if it worked for Mr. Rogers, it works for me
  12. Channel your inner cool gal, leather jackets for the win.

Here are some of my favourite bloggers sharing their airport style, since I'm usually running to the airport and through security I never have time to take a pic of myself (maybe one day!)


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Universal Studios - Calling All Potterheads!

I much prefer Universal Studios over Disney World. There I said it (gulp). Ordinarily, I’m not one for theme parks, and I am most definitely not a thrill seeker when it comes to rides. Like at all. I do not want to see how high I am before I plummet to my imminent death, thanks but no thanks.

But while I loved Walt Disney’s philosophy that the parks were a place for everyone in the family to enjoy together (and we did enjoy all the rides together), I still prefer Universal over the forced joy I felt that I had to feel at Disney (don't hate me Disney-lovers!! I did like it after all, read about it here.)

Why you ask ? Well here goes...
  1. Harry Potter- enough said. Even if you aren’t a self professed Potter-head, you can’t help but be amazed at the amazing details that are in the two parks with Hogsmead and Diagon alley. It is spectacular to be immersed in this world!
  2. Rides- I just prefer the simulated rides, something about knowing that I’m not actually falling 100 stories made me enjoy myself much more. The race through New York with Jimmy Fallon ride? Awesome!
  3. Access- so much easier to get to and around than some of the other larger parks in Orlando. No bus -walk-monorail-crazy security measures for the Universal parks, especially if you stay on property. 
  4. Fast passes- that don’t require me to have a detailed organized schedule to stick to. I was actually happy to just walk around and let the kids lead us and not have to over schedule ourselves. The bonus was obviously getting on the rides much faster and being to ride them again as often as we wanted because of all the time we saved.
  5. No pressure- there’s no pressure to be happy. Or to feel the "magic." Which is keeping it real with kids anyways. They will whine and cry and throw tantrums whether it’s the most magical place on earth or not. Kids don't care. But at least there’s no pressure felt at these theme parks to make it all perfect and magical. After all there only two parks ( not counting the water park which we will hit next time), and they are both do-able at any pace you set. 


  • Loews Portofino- one of those rare hotels where a family of 5 can be accommodated in one hotel room. That alone is a money saver. But also each person gets a fast pass for each day that you stay at the hotel. That is a huge savings! HUGE I tell you! Plus it is a time and sanity saver. It increases your enjoyment so much more! You go through security before getting on their shuttle boat that is quick and easy and takes you right to the doors of the parks. The hotel also had lots of great restaurant choices and pools and water slides and is just a really pretty place.
  • All the candy at honey dukes. I know, I’m back at Harry Potter, but honestly- who doesn’t want to eat a chocolate frog and wash it down with a butter beer? It even comes frozen!(the butter beer, not the frog.)
  • Milkshakes- from the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savoury Feast Kitchen. YUMMY but also mammoth in size, they basically act as a meal replacement - particularly good if you are on the "I'm on a vacation and eating only sugar" diet.

  • Buy your kids(or yourself) a Harry Potter wand when you first get to diagonal alley. Worth it. They are interactive in both parks and so fun! If you luck out, you could even get selected to have your wand choose you! It was super memorable for our eldest who is a major fan.
  • Get the park hopper- it allows you to go to both parks in one day. But it’s really so you can take the Hogwarts express from Kings cross to Hogwarts and back again. Take the ride both ways as each experience is different.

How about you? Are you a die hard Disney fan or do you prefer Universal?

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