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About Me

Hi, and welcome to "This Mama Needs a Vacay" a travel blog hoping to spark some wanderlust and confidence in my fellow moms.

My name is Raj, and I'm a mom to three busy growing girls.  After I convinced my husband to move to the suburbs of Toronto, I've been working on convincing him to keep up this travel bug that I've been infected with. But alas, we need to be able to pay for these trips, so the content here is from the past several years.

I started this blog in the fall of 2018 because my verbal diarrhea in sharing our travel trips and tips was starting to make my voice hoarse. I wanted to create a space to share and document our travel, mostly so I have evidence of it to show my kids when they complain we never take them anywhere!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you can find some helpful tips and be inspired to give yourself a vacay too!



  1. What a great idea to share your experiences. I must say, You do an amazing job explaining each one of your personal experiences. Thanks.. it’s very beneficial..

  2. Raj! I just found this blog and how lovely it is to see you and the girls all grown up!! Great content! ������Farheen


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