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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


13 years ago we visited the Hawaiian island of Kauai and ever since then we've been scheming of how we could call it home.  Well that hasn't happened just yet (we are slow learners ok?), but we did figure out how to book tickets and hotels to return to gorgeous Hawaii. This time we opted to see what the fuss was about Maui. And let me tell you, there is a lot to fuss about!

We decided to stay the first 7 nights in the popular Kaanapali area and chose to make the new Westin Nanea our home. It is a sister property of the larger, popular Kaanapali Westin that was recommended by friends.

We had a spacious, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo unit with a pull out sofa, a full kitchen and a washer/dryer with a lovely view of the resort and ocean from a distance. A great space to come back to every night to unwind from our days of adventure and exploring.  The resort offers first come first serve bbqs which was an easy way to cook up dinner while the kids swam, and a lovely quiet stretch of beach to watch the whales dance!
Resort views from our balcony
Maui is known for its beaches, but it truly does offer so much more! We used Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook, which from our adventures in Kauai proved to an invaluable guide. We explored almost the entire island, starting with West Maui in Kapalua where the Maui beaches were replaced jagged lava formations called "Dragons Teeth.

Dragon's Teeth, Kapalua
To majestic views on the rugged West Shore, 
West Shores views

Nakalele Blowhole
 Right around to the famed Road to Hana, where our day started bright and early at the Kuau Store to stock up on some healthy, yummy treats and lots of cold drinks for the windy road ahead. Pro Mom Tip: stock up on gravol and candies - it is a windy, nauseating road!
Surfs Up@ the Kuau Store, Paia

Famous Road to Hana sites include waterfalls galore, lush tropical rainforest, rainbow eucalyptus trees and black sand beaches and so much more. We used  The GyPSy Guide which is great app to connect download and connect to your car's bluetooth. He tells interesting and funny stories and his must stop sites along the way.

Pipawa Trail
 While the Road to Hana was lovely, the town of Hana itself is small and sleepy. We thought we'd stop off on our way back as we wanted to get to the 'Ohe'O Gulch (also known as the seven sacred pools) and the Pipawa Trail. While the pools were closed off due to unsafe conditions at the time, the hike up the Pipawa trail was spectacular. Double rainbows, a bamboo forest and a spectacular towering Waimoku Falls at the end made it our second favourite part of the day.

Second favourite part of a day that included a bamboo forest, waterfalls and a black sand beach? Really lady, what can possibly beat that? Well, the drive home through the South East part of the island! Every guidebook and blog tells you that that you must turn back and drive back down the Road from Hana in order to get back to the South or West part of Maui. But we trekked on with the advice of the parking attendant at the Pipawa Trail. The views home were SPECTACULAR! 

Magnificent Maui Sunsets


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