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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Favourite Travel Websites

So today I had planned to sit down and finish up my last post on Panama. Yes - another one! But then I checked my email (duh!) and had found Air Canada had gifted me with an email for a one day sale! Oh, Air Canada - you know me so well!

Normally, this wouldn't be so tempting, but as it is -76 degrees outside with the Polar Vortex making itself cozy here in Toronto for the next 3 months, and apparently it is also 'National Plan for a Vacation Day' (oh I see you marketing department at Air Canada!).

I've spent a sold 5 hours on my 'research"without booking any trips, so I thought I'd put together a post (so I can claim some productivity today), about my favourite go to sites that I use when helping me plan (or dream) travel.

Air Fare:

Google Flights - guys! Why didn't I know about this before?? It's my new favourite! In the past I've looked at Kayak to help narrow down flights, but now openly declare my preference for my favourite child - Google Flights. It makes looking into flights super easy with its user friendly format and filters. I find it especially helpful when I am flexible with dates and locations and I can look on a map with prices! Oh I am going to be in so much trouble...thanks Google!

Air Canada - they have me locked down because of the privileges, status and benefits we can earn as frequent flyers. Hello free checked bag! Plus, as someone who just wants to get where I want to go, they have the most direct flights out of Toronto. And those timely email offers.....oh I see you AC - I see you!

West Jet: I'm sorry Canada's younger airline sister, but I promise I check your emails too. You too are tempting with great prices and sometimes more accommodating departure times. Plus we love the West Jet customer service.

Expedia: The OG for airline comparisons, I like being able to narrow down the best prices and last minute fares using expedia's easy format.

Travel planning never ends does it?


Sleeps 5 - Any parent with more than 2 kids will tell you about their challenges of finding accommodations that work for the 5 + of them. Sleeps 5 makes it easy to help narrow down your choices

Family Vacation Critic - they have a TON of great ideas for travelling with kids of all ages, as well as an easy search engine with up to date prices and helpful reviews. - Love the flexibility of where many reservations don't have cancellation fees so I can keep buyers guilt at bay (one form of guilt is enough to deal with anyways - ahem mom guilt!). Also I love that that I can find a variety of resorts, hotels, villas, houses, and apartments. The user reviews have been accurate and reassuring.

Trip Advisor - as someone who likes to post reviews on this site, I love using it to get a general understanding of the hotel that I am considering staying at. Make sure to read several reviews to get a good overall picture.

VRBO - longer trips with the kids means we prefer a home away from home. I feel reassured with their Confidence Guarantee in case we change our mind or anything goes wrong. Read more about it here:

Panama City planned by Ciao Bambino
Other Favourites:

My new favourite is Ciao Bambino, who seems to just get me. Their personalized service and itinerary building that is family friendly and filled with luxury takes away all of the guess work. It's when I need someone to take care of this mama

I also love reading up on new destinations, reviews of hotels and amazing travel experiences so both CN Traveller and Travel + Leisure inspire me!

CN Traveller

Travel + Leisure

Fellow Bloggers : I LOVE finding travel tips from fellow travel bloggers and have been using the amazing communities on social media to help me connect!

The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra 

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