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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Fashion Covets

In between shopping for food (man - can these girls eat!) and shopping for new socks (honestly - where do they go??), I like to pretend I have a place to wear real, stylish clothes. 

Usually I look at cute dresses and shoes and think to myself: that would look so great on vacation. Small problem: I'm not on vacation. In fact I don't even have any vacation plans at this exact moment. Actually let me rephrase that. I have plans, oh boy do I have plans, I just don't have any travel plans booked. Like I said, small problem.

But if I had places to go and funds to spend, these would end up in my closet:

  • Classic slingbacks from Chanel. I picture myself eating a baguette while walking along the cobblestone streets in the Latin Quarter wearing these beauties : Chanel Slingbacks
  • The perfect pink jumpsuit for a dinner anywhere that I'm not cooking: Zara Jumpsuit
  • This crossbody rafia bag for that beachy vacation I wish I was going on for Spring Break. It looks roomy enough for sunscreen and all the snacks I need to lug around while keeping my hands free : ShopBop Bag
  • I've been irrationally lusting after the stylish Golden Goose sneakers after seeing them all over instagram. Built in elevated wedge you say? So my legs and butt look good while my feet stay comfy as I trek around NYC? Don't mind if I do! Golden Goose Sneakers
  • This dress seems modest enough to sneak by the critical eyes of my brood, yet stylish enough for me to feel put together. Aritzia Dress

UPDATE! I found a pair of golden goose at Intermix for 75% off! In MY size! Sometimes dreams do come true kids. 


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