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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Souvenirs: Keepsakes or Clutter?

Motherhood is all about making memories (Well that and some days basic survival!) - so when we travel, we want to pick up some special souvenirs to remember those memories. But life with kids usually means - CLUTTER! We already have so many crafts, toys, socks, books, shoes, and things to keep track of and to try to find a home for at the end of each day, that sometimes adding on to that clutter-feast with yet another stuffed animal from a vacation can seem daunting.

So how do you balance picking up meaningful keepsakes from your adventures that don't turn into clutter? We've been focused on travelling light in recent years, so that limits us to what we can actually pick up as a special souvenir. We also add a small budget for the kids, so they have to chose wisely. Here are some special keepsakes we've collected on our last few adventures that we actually display, cherish and enjoy!


We are a family of book worms, so our go to is books, and this one was gifted to us while in Panama. We also picked up some black and white photographs of the canal and Casco Veijo, and a Panama hat of course! Fun Fact: The Panama hat originates from Ecuador.


Ah New York New York! Where the shopping has no limits, except by your bank account. The kids picked out some small prints of art from a vendor in the High Line park and we let them raid Dylan's Candy Bar.  This trip we invested in some special family pictures by using our favourite Flytographer . See more about why we love family photos as travel souvenirs here on this post


From Maui, we wanted something to help us capture that that Aloha spirit at home. We loved beach combing for sea shells (where we actually don't take any shells anymore, and especially none of the lava rocks), and the kids earned their Junior Ranger badges up on Haleakala. But once again Flytographer to the rescue, where photographer Rojeena took some amazing pictures for us. So every time I pass them hanging up on our hall wall, I feel that Aloha vibe.


I've been to India so many times before, and each trip for me was full of shopping. The infinite amounts of fabric, jewellery and beautiful clothes always left our suitcases ready to explode.  But on my last trip there (and first as a mom!), we traveled light and experienced so much more of the country. The kids all chose something small for their rooms, and of course some pretty bangles! Notice the common theme? We love to pick up books, whether a guide book or a beautiful coffee table book to help us remember our adventures!

What are your favourite things to pick up as a souvenir?


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