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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Why Travel is Good for You

I recently had a chance to write for Fit In The Now, a digital Women's Health & Fitness magazine that focuses on empowering women by sharing the truth about fitness and health and being a supportive community so that women can be the best version of themselves.

The Top 5 Health benefits of Travelling
Walks on the beach with your family is so good for your health!

We all understand the benefits, and need, for regular exercise and balanced eating to keep ourselves healthy – both mentally and physically.  We invest in gym memberships, stock our fridges up with kale and kombucha (and convince ourselves that it tastes great!), and help keep up Lululemon’s stock by making sure we have the right leggings to do our squats in.  But what about travel? Sure, hitting up a gorgeous beach with all you can drink margaritas is a dream winter escape, but travel is actually a key piece in maintaining your good health.

Head over to Fit In the Now and read the rest of my article here.

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