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Thursday, September 26, 2019

What's in my carryon

I aim to try to pack light for myself and for my kids, mostly because I don't end up needing nearly as much as I think I do. After years of having my carry on filled with all things kid related, I'm finally in a place where my own tote has whatever I need to make my flying experience as enjoyable as it can be.

My carry on bag: I invested in a large Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag, because I like the sturdiness of the leather handle, the zipper to keep everything inside, the durable fabric that is easy to clean and the fact that I can fold it up into a small little pouch for easy storage.

My essentials inside my tote always include the following:

  1. Hand cream : I love L'Occitane's shea butter and this one by Nivea is a long time favourite because I like having a thick cream for the plane, plus it remind me of when I was younger and would sneak into my mom's bathroom and slather myself in it!
  2. Lip Balm - I'm liking this one by Sun Bum with SPF 30 right now but my go to is always EOS.
  3. Passport Holder: I use this Tumi passport case that fits in our passports, nexus and  airport lounge cards. But this one is super cute and on sale now!
  4. Air pods - because I need to get onto the entertainment system ASAP. Air pods or sound cancelling headphones such as these by Bose are always in my travel bag.
  5. Swell Water Bottle because hydrate, hydrate hydrate!
  6. Gum - nothing like a minty gum to help refresh my breath and to help with the pressure in my ears. I like Pur gum these days.
  7. Caudalie Beauty Elixir - a spritz or two of this helps refresh my skin by moisturizing and toning it. And frankly I like having a little bit of the luxury in my bag with me.
  8. Reading Material: while I could pack a whole library, I try to stick to one book and one magazine, this one I couldn't put down during our flight to Maui.
  9. Blanket scarf - on our last flight we were freeezzinnggggg! Thankfully I had packed a light blanket scarf, but I'm looking for something warmer and more chic like this one from Cuyana
  10. Snacks - I try to stock myself with healthy snack such as trail mix, nuts, dried fruit or dry chickpeas. I'm really not this healthy, but I like to convince myself that I am, when really it's all about keeping my hangry self happy.

What are your essentials for your carry on?


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